Welcome to the Secondary Web Page section

Welcome to the Secondary Web Page section.


It is with great satisfaction that we share information and activities carried out in our high school, as part of our commitment to students and their families.

At St. Patrick´s College, our main objectives are integral education and the well-being of our students. An outstanding team of teachers and multidisciplinary professionals accompany and work with great enthusiasm and energy so that our students can become successful academic citizens in today’s world, with solid values which allow them to lead a happy life.

We are a demanding school and pride ourselves on the continuous search of developing a range of abilities that include critical and reflexive thinking, social and civic responsibility and human potential. We accept and value individualities in a tolerant, honest and harmony context of mutual respect. Our students are motivated to explore and develop in different fields such as academic, scientific, artistic, sports, and social and thus offer a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities

We value parents´ decisions in choosing our institution and we are committed to offering an education in an on-going process of improvement, while considering constant social and educational requirements and changes. This is the reason for having the Middle Years Program of the Organization of the International Baccalaureate. This program fosters, demands and guarantees a continuous academic improvement process in students, teachers and staff at the Secondary level.

It is our honor to accompany our students and families in this important educational and developmental stage and we assure you that we daily commit ourselves to this task.


Ma. Fernanda Varela